Thursday, July 30, 2009

Polymer Clay Beads

When I was in John Lewis the other day, I came across a FIMO bead roller machine. Of course, I had to buy it and when I got back from my shopping spree had a go at making some beads. I used Sculpey clay as my base and also tried some Claydium (air or oven bake). Once I had made them I brushed them with a few different Moonglow mica powders before I baked them (15 minutes at 130C) - not forgetting to put a hole through with a wooden cocktail stick before doing so !

These are my first attempts and I must admit it's a bit addictive when you get going. I will be doing more I think after this trial so watch this space !

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  1. If we ever get going with bead making classes you will get even more addicted Sid.

    These are super!

  2. Oooh, I was eyeing up bead rollers a while ago but decided I didn't need another addiction - lol! These turned out looking great Sid!

  3. well I think these are brilliant...I bought some clay at the Port Sunny show but you know me I get side tracked..will have to have a go at making beads once the kids are back at school..I love the way the powders look

  4. Beautiful beads, Sid. Must get mine out sometime. lol

  5. I just bought such a machine yesterday. Do you leave the cocktail stick in when you bake??


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