Sunday, January 31, 2016

Krazy Quilt

A very belated Happy New Year to you all, hoping things are going well so far.  I was away abroad over Christmas and the New Year so didn't get chance to make any posts on the blog.  Very busy also in a great new job which has taken more of my time.  Settling in now so have a bit more time to do craft and to post.

This machine sewn quilt was actually finished before Christmas and uses 15  Krazy Quilt Blocks made using a variety of striped cotton fabrics in black, navy blue, red, green, turquoise and pink all with a contrasting white stripe..  The blocks had been sitting around waiting to be used for ages actually.

Anyway, I decided to buy some black plain cotton material to make the sashing which I think sets off the rather mesmeric blocks.

I used a warm and natural batting and the quilt back was made from a bold black and white check cotton print which was also used for the binding which I did by hand.

I square quilted half way through the sashing and blocks with black 40's cotton thread.

I can't help thinking of Alice in Wonderland when I see this small quilt.

Sid xx

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