Friday, November 24, 2006

My entry into 'Colours' CJ UKstampers

Here is my entry into the 'Colours' CJ, just completed. No one had chosen blue, so that was the one for me.

Hope you like it:

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My entry into 'Flora & Fauna' CJ (UKStampers)

Another entry completed in the UKSTAMPERS 1st CJ. 'Flora and Fauna' was the title.

I chose the theme of Flora for both pages and had a 'seed' of an idea. Any plant or flower begins its life as a seed and I ended up with seed packets as my embellishments in this case.

Each packet has an insert which can be removed. The words read 'Plant a seed and it will grow'.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Well here we are again, time to send the next UKSTAMPERS CJ on its rounds. This time we have another 10 willing cj'ers raring to put their artistic talents to the test. My CJ title this time is 'Material Things'.

This came about because I am presently very interested in mixed media experimentation. This blends paper, fabric and embellishments into collage, books and all sorts of things with an arty feel. So my CJ is not really about 'possessions' of a material nature but more about the 'materials' we have all around us in everyday life. It's really a play on words in the true sense. All I am asking is that each contributor uses at least one piece of material or fabric in their artwork. The CJ is 7 x 5 inches, so a lot smaller than my last which is still doing the rounds. So here goes with the pics.

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