Sunday, February 17, 2013

Back in Circulation

Well it's been quite a time time since I posted on my long negleted blog.  Various reasons have caused this, one of these has been that I have recently started machine embroidery !  I bought a Singer Futura XL400 machine.

Quite a learning curve getting everything just right but after many hours of trial and tribulation (not without it's funny side I might add !) I have made some interesting pieces of embroidery.

Today I have embroidered two little houses with gardens onto felt squares.  The first is on brown felt and the second on lime green felt.  I find felt a wonderful medium to embroider on.  I always use a tearable stabiliser to assist with support of the top and bottom threads during the embroidery process.

Hope you like them. Must start doing some papercraft now too so watch this space !!

Sid xx

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