Friday, December 12, 2014

Frosty !


Ta daa !!  Let me introduce 'Frosty' the snowman  !

My good friend Effie, at a recent craft weekend, gave us a project class to make one of these fab snowman decorations, thanks a lot for the tuition and this is my resultant creation.

His body is filled with rice and is both squigy and weighty and made from cream velvet which has been embellished with Brilliance pearlescent inks and a rubber icicle stamp which has been heat embossed into the pile side of the velvet by ironing onto the inked stamp.  Some pale blue heat set jems have been added randomly.  The body was cut from a circle and gathered with strong thread after filling with the rice.

His head was made from a polystyrene ball coated with Snowtex and glittered whilst still wet.  His eyes are black sparkly brads, his nose a whittled piece of wood coloured orange with an alcohol marker and his mouth is 5 black glass headed pins.  His neck is a piece of thin dowel pushed into the base of the ball.

His ruffs are made from patterned paper and tulle netting.  His hat is made from the same patterned paper made into a cone and embellished with some pompom ribbon and a crystal snowflake stuck in place with hot melt glue.

Once complete his head was stuck on the body with hot melt glue.  I have also added some extra Stickles glitter glue on the ruff and hat to finish.

I love him and Doesn't he look great ?

Sid xx

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  1. What a brilliant idea - it has Effie's hallmark on it. it would make a great festive doorstop.

  2. He looks wonderful Sid. Carol x

  3. He looks a very festive snowman Sid. Mrs A.

  4. Suc a cute snowman, love it

  5. What fun, I especially like the gem details, Jo x

  6. WOW Sid he is a wonderful specimen. A handsome snowman
    perfect as a table decoration .Thanks for sharing .
    cheers Shirley-Anne

  7. Love your snowman Sid,this is a keeper.

  8. Cute snowman, love the whittled wood nose!

  9. he is a cutey and I love the pink card too. I am having problems reading the word verification as my eyesight is a bit poor


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