Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Three Faces

Over on UK Stampers Forum I have recently taken part in making a set of three ATC's for a swap.  The theme is 'faces' and I made my three with minimal stamping, lot's of colour and collaged materials.

All use loads of digi-stamped collage elements from various sources and these have been trimmed to collage up the fronts of the ATC's.  I had to use some hats on the faces to make them a bit quirky too !

The only stamps used were to to finally embellish them and all were stamped in Archival black ink using heart, arrow and flower border acrylic stamps.

Final touches were to use my beloved Posca pens in white, black, silver and gold to outline and fill in some areas.  All were mounted onto board and edged with contrasting colours of chalk inks.

Sid xx

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  1. Hope I get one of these, Sid. They're fab!

  2. fab Sid - very different and interesting to look at.

  3. These are lovely - great array of colour going on there!

  4. Just looking at these makes me feel happy - such wonderfully bright colours.

  5. Oooh fantastic set of atc's Sid, just love the collaging and those bright colours finish them off perfectly.

    Sam xxx

  6. Those are lovely and bright - didn't recognise the images but then read on - doh (me)!
    What are Posca pens?

    Hugs, Neet x

  7. Great colourful set, love the collage look!

  8. Each are stunning in their own right .You are an artist .

  9. I quite like these the collaging is perfect with the colours too !

  10. The collage is wonderful and I love the colours


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