Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sweet Treat

Here we go on this Christmas Eve, so I have decorated a used cotton wool bud container with some American 'Back To School' papers with a little treat of sweets to give to a little girl or boy when they return to a new term back at school in the New Year.

I love to upcycle as using packaging that would normally go to waste gives you a good feeling. Christmas always brings us loads of packaging so why not look at it and try to use it in a creative way?  The twine was actually on a box of Christmas cards so even that is upcycled too.

Sid xx

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  1. Great gift idea!! I loveeeeeeee it!! Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Oooh great up-cycling Sid, your pot now looks most inviting, or is that the sweets - lol

    Hope you have a wonderful time over the festive period and all the very best for the coming year

    Sam xxx

  3. This looks great, Sid! Happy Christmas!

    Lucy x

  4. It makes a great gift Sid. Have a very Merry Christmas and thanks for all your encouragement and support.

  5. Sid, LOVE the upcycled container! FAB project! Even the twine! Wow! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  6. Just a perfect recycled gift!!

    HAve a great New Years Eve!!

  7. What a brill idea - looks so good!
    Hugs & Best Wishes
    Neet xx


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