Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Flight of Fancy

I think we all have loads of what I call 'UFO's' (unfinished objects).  This was one of them I started last Summer.  Now here I am, sat looking out on torrential rain and it's almost dark enough to be night.  So this now has brightened up my day a bit.

It started off as a chipboard butterfly diecut which I gave a couple of coats of buff acrylic paint.  I then got out the Card Candi and started to build up a sort of mosaic pattern on the wings using a strong thick PVA glue to adhere them.

I then finished off the decoration by added some self adhesive gems to highlight areas on the wings and body and added some Stickles glitter glue between all the Card Candi. Finishing touch was to add a couple of red chenille pipe cleaner antenna.  I will make a box to fit, decorate it and send as a fun birthday card.

Anyway that one UFO finished now to get on with the other 101 !! 

Just one last thing to do before this year ends ........ so here's wishing all my loyal followers and commenters a Super New Year with loads of good health and prosperity.  Thanks and I love you all !

Sid xx

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  1. Very glitzy indeed

    Happy New Year

    Sam xx

  2. love your butterfly and you are seriously awesome dude..love the card

  3. Wow!! This is gorgeous!!! Happy New Year!!!!!

  4. great butterfly. I have loads of UFO's to finish and new ones to start. Happy New Year, Sid

  5. Pretty butterfly - at least you finished it before the year was out! Happy New Year.

  6. Well done Sid 1 UFO off your list and it would brighten any dull day. Happy New year and wishing you all the best for 2014

  7. ... Another one done!....
    Happy New Year Sid...

  8. Happy New Year Sid - what a lovely project to end the year on

  9. What a brilliant idea Sid. My friend with whom I am staying has some of these. Might just have to have a go if you wouldn't mind.
    Neet x


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