Monday, August 05, 2013

Square Sampler Quilt

Told you I was doing more quilting !  Here is a nine square sampler quilt I have made and it measures 70 cm square.  All the materials were bought in John Lewis at half price and I used a tube method which was sewn together and then cut to form squares which in turn were assembled to give this double egg-timer effect.

As previously reported I am a lot more accurate even though it's still not perfect.  What the heck ...... I am enjoying the journey anyway.

The quilt back was made with a green material and it was quilted with warm & natural all cotton batting.  The whole thing was done on my Janome machine.

Sid xx

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  1. Wow, very professional looking, and of course I just lurve the colours

    Sam xxx

  2. I'm impressed - sewing I'd run a mile.
    love the colours.

  3. Brilliant Sid - what skill and patience you have. Wish some of your skills would brush off on me

    It's just perfect

  4. Looking good Sid, I'm sure nobody would notice imperfections there if you weren't pointing them out!

  5. This turned out gorgeous! love the colours and designs of the fabric.

  6. This is amazing, you are so clever,

    Lucy x

  7. Beautiful, I love the colours!

  8. Great job Sid you are quite talented!


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