Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Quilted Table Runner

Decided to do a table runner this time and it measures 97 x 39 cms.

This time I decided to try a charm pack which is a collection of matching colours of pre-cut squares of 5 inch.  The fabric is by Moda.

Lots of cutting with a rotary cutter and sewing the squares together.

This time I used a fusible batting and the quilt back was made from material from a deconstructed 100% cotton duvet cover.

So onwards and upwards !

Sid xx

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  1. WOW, so neat Sid and you have more patience than me, sewing all them little squares together. I'd cheat, get one big piece and sew some lines on it!!!

    Sam xxx

  2. You must be chuffed with yourself thats a fab runner.

  3. wow Sid - bet you are hugely proud of that. I'm rubbish with a rotary cutter - can't cut a straight line however hard I try - I'm so impressed!


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