Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fabric Brooch

Here is a pic of a Fabric Brooch I made as part of a swap. The swap was a 2-part swap. Part 1 required the swappers to send in six 4 x 4 inch pieces of assorted fabric. These were swapped and they each got back six different pieces not including any of their own.

Part 2 was to make a brooch using all six pieces of fabric which were again randomly swapped ! Quite a challenge really but very interesting and the quality of the workmanship and variety of designs which emerged was fantastic.

Anyway I had the idea that I would use my sewing machine to produce the basic brooch design because I had also bought a load (10 reels) of Guttermann threads to do just this, so I got out the beast to find that I had lost the foot control somewhere. I searched high and low but failed to locate it......... how annoying !! I ended up having to stitch the bits together by hand hence the rather untidy look to the stitches. However, it did the job.

Once the pieces were stitched together I embellished the flat piece of material with a little stamping of a ladies face (barely visible). This was then ironed onto some backing bump using vilene and a steam iron to give the material a little substance. Next this was applied to a piece of mountboard (2.5 x 1.5 inches) again with vilene and the corners wrapped over and stuck flat. A backing piece was made (out of the 6th piece of material) to cover the back of the brooch. Next I added some beading detail by hand.

I punched out 2 small flowers and used EP to give them some texture, cut out a leaf and adhered this as shown.

Final embellishment was with gold dimensional paint and glitter glue. I then added a self-adhesive brooch back to complete.

I was a little set back by not being able to machine sew, but heck I managed it in the end !

Hope the recipient likes it though !

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  1. I love this brooch and the hand stitching gives it more texture..good luck in finding the foot pedal!! and thanks for organising this excellent swap

  2. If you say "characterful" rather than "untidy" it sounds much better :o) Looks fab Sid, love the beading detail! Has the foot control shown up yet? I'd be lost without my machine even though I use it for paper more than fabric these days!

  3. Wow, thats awesome Sid! love the colours of the fabrics.
    Your stitching gives a rustic look to your brooch *smile*
    *hugs* Heather x

  4. It's beeeyoootiful and fabulously fantastic.


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