Thursday, July 11, 2013

Crazy Square Quilt Sampler

Now I am on a quilting roll I thought I would use some fat quarters I bought 3 years ago in making a crazy square.

I started with an irregular pentagon and then worked outwards adding more fabric until the desired square size was accomplished, trimming each section off with a rotary cutter before adding another section of material.  I then added soft & natural batting and a lime green quilt bottom before sewing around the inside of each piece of fabric in blue thread.  The quilt was then trimmed to size and finished in the same lime green binding.

The finished sampler is 19 inches square and I used my Janome machine for all the sewing. I enjoyed the exercise immensely and now need to do more !!

Sid xx

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  1. Great sample, love the colours

    Sam xxx

  2. Looks like a fun way to build up a square, great stuff!

    Love from THE netherlands,

  4. great quilt sampler..its been too hot to do any sewing so will have to catch up when its raining! have a great weekend

  5. Sid, this is stellar. I looked at your blog and your work is just beautiful. It is so wonderful to see a man in this crafty world of ours. It is so sad more men don't surface...I know they are out there and I wish we could persuade more men to bring through the love we womyn have for this type of art. Your sewing and colors and shapes and just fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing this post. It was my joy. HeArtfully Yours, Samara

  6. loving the mix of colours and designs.

  7. Gorgeous, love the colours and patterns.

  8. Oooo nice! I hadn't realised you were so far dragged into the evil land of sewing! Now there is noooo escape, you'll be hooked!


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