Monday, July 01, 2013

Baby Quilt

I have wanted to do some quilting for a long time, so recently I got myself together and made this little quilt as a cot quilt for a friend who has just been blessed by having a baby girl.

This crafty activity made me realise just how important accuracy in measuring, cutting and sewing is when making a quilt.  It certainly was a learning curve but very enjoyable too !

I have kept it simple with just squares quilted on the diagonal.  The back is plain pink cotton and all was sewn by machine.

I have more in mind and have already bought some striped cottons in readiness.

Sid xx

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  1. What a thoughtful present Sid, handmade is always nice:)

  2. Wow Sid an impressive first attempt.

  3. Brilliant Sid - absolutely amazing

    You seem to have the talent to create something wonderful whatever you try your hand at.


  4. What a sweet little quilt, sure to be cherished! Very impressive for a first go, too!

  5. well it looks very accurate Sid. (and pretty) you're going great guns with your stitching!

  6. Great job Sid what a wonderful gift!

  7. I admire anyone who quilts...I'd love to do it but I'm useless at being precise lol
    Loving the baby quilt.

  8. Cor Blimey Sid, I am impressed. That is lovely - you put me to shame.
    Hugs, Neet xx


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