Monday, June 18, 2012

Bead Weaving

A short while ago I bought a bead loom as I had been meaning to have a go at bead weaving.  This one uses four colours and is 13 beads across in a traditional American indian design. The beads used in this piece are a bit large but for a first attempt I liked the design and the colours.  I think I will incorporate this into a card design as an embellishment going forward.

I intend using some smaller more even seed beads to do a more complex design next.

Sid xx

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  1. It looks good Sid. I think you did well to use slightly larger beads for a first attempt. Looking forward to seeing more of your beaded creations.

  2. that looks great Sid. I went through a beading stage. It's very satisfying.

  3. Fantastic job especially for your first attempt. My daughter bought me one last year and I've yet to use it...you've given me inspiration.

  4. Well done Sid that looks pretty difficult. Looks like little sweeties.

  5. Gorgeous, your've captured a eal indian feeling

  6. Looks great Sid :) good for you giving it ago
    Von x☺x

  7. Looks great Sid and I love your colour combo

    Sam xxx

  8. This is great, never tried this!

    Lucy x

  9. wow Sid - just catching up on your stunning work - what a fantastic variety of your skills - brilliant

  10. looks good...something I'd never attempt, as I havent got the patience for anything fiddly.Look forward to seeing more from you!

  11. Beading as well Sid, you have no end of talent.
    Neet x

  12. I just started my first one today!
    I like how neat you finished yours.
    Nice :)

    www.syllabubble.co.uk is my blog


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