Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Baubles

'And now for something completely different!'

Ages ago I bought four clear glass Christmas Baubles and had never done anything with them. I dug them out and decided to decorate them, sort of inside-out. So here are two of the four that I have finished today.

To decorate them I used various Luminarte Primary Elements polished pigments & Simple solution and some fine glitters too. The company also make the Twinkling H2O's and were due to close but have been resurrected because of popular demand and support. I actually used No2 simple solution and this worked just fine.

I am sure that you would be fine using any mica pigments, glitters and some watered down 'dries clear' PVA adhesive though !

The method is simple: Remove the stopper from the glass bauble and pour in the simple solution and rotate the bauble to coat the whole of the inside with a thin film of the solution. Place upside down in a suitable round support (glass jar) and allow excess simple solution to drain. Once drained select your mica powders and glitters and, whilst holding the bauble, spoon in small amounts of them on the end of a suitable spatula. It's best to use sparing amounts of the mica and glitter. The bauble is shaken and rotated after adding each mica or glitter to disperse. This way you can see what effect you are creating. Once happy with the effect leave the bauble to dry for a few hours. I added little ribbons to mine.

The effects can be startlingly beautiful and the world is your oyster regarding the colourway you go for ! Have fun if you do try it.

Sid xx

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  1. This is gorgeous. I did something similar but didnt turn out nearly as well. I think you have inspired me to try again. Well done!

  2. Fantastic!! I bought clear baubles this year, but only used 1 to photograph a Christmas card. Still a lot of ideas in my head :)
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Hello Sid! What fantatsic tags did you made?!

    And those are sophisticated baubles !

    A very merry Christmas for you!

  4. Fabulous... I'm going to have to try this!

  5. Gorgeous bauble Sid....love the effect you got :O))

  6. Stunning baubles and it sounded so simple to do may even have a go at this myself

  7. These are gorgeous! I made some and wanted to decorate them from the inside, but it didn't work very well. Thanks for letting me know how to do it.

  8. These are brilliant, wonderful effects. I will be on the look out for glass baubles so I can try it. They have turned out very well.


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