Thursday, August 06, 2009

My Beady Eye

Here we go again, more beads. This time I used Fimo classic black polymer clay which seems to pick up the mica much better. The mica was misty lavender by Jacquard Pearl-Ex and was applied with a soft brush before baking the clay at 110C for a minimum of 30 mins. The seed beads in between are glass and I didn't make them ........... a bit too fiddly for my fat fingers I expect.

I also conditioned the clay at least 10 times through a pasta machine (set at its thickest setting & reserved just for this stuff !) before rolling in the bead roller machine. I will be doing more and then will actually do a necklace, at this stage just seeing which clays are best.

Sid :-)

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  1. Sid these are goreous I love the colour and lustre. can't wait to see the necklace

  2. Ooh! Fabulous beads Sid! x

  3. WOW Sid, fantastic, love the bright colour xxxx

  4. these beads are excellent..glad you got a pasta machine.. I was really lucky and managed to get one in a charity shop just after xmas!! thanks for visiting my blog today

  5. Beautiful effect with the mica powder Sid, these look great!

  6. Well done you - how did you like the Fimo? I put my clay through the pasta machine a total of 30 times for conditioning - just a thought that you might try it that way.



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