Thursday, February 12, 2009

'Birds of a Feather' ATC's

Here are my three ATC's in a theme of 'Birds of a Feather' done as a swap with my friend Diane in the US.

I used:

  • Card (cream, cut to 2.5 x 3.5 ins)
  • Brass embossing stencil

  • Stamp (Paper Artsy - from Squiggly Ink Egg & Nog plate 8, Bird Alpha?, Saying?)

  • Alcohol Ink (Stream & Bottle)

  • Versafine Inkpad (Onyx Black)

  • Adirondack Inkpad (Stream, Lettuce, Bottle & Denim)

  • Gold Foiled peacock sheet

  • Metallic brush pen (Green)

  • Printed background paper

Top Card

The card was cut from the cream cardstock and embossed using the brass stencil and a ball-tool over a light box. The stamp was stamped onto the centre of the card and again onto a post-it sheet. The post it image was trimmed closely and used as a mask to cover the original image on the card. Make-up sponge was used with Denim, Stream & Bottle Adirondack ink to apply the collour over the mask. The bottle pad was rubbed over the embossing to pick up ink and the pad itself rubbed over each corner of the card to produce an almost square inked frame. The mask was removed to reveal the plain cream bird image and the metallic brush pen used to highlight areas of the birds feathers and wing. The 'Bird' alpha was stamped as shown in Denim ink.

Middle Card

The cream base card was embossed again with a flourish left and right. The card was coloured with Lettuce and bottle Adirondacks and a make-up sponge. The bird stamp was stamped in Bottle ink onto the printed background paper and trimmed closely. The tail of the bird stamp was selectively inked with Bottle ink and stamped around the outside edges of the card as shown. The trimmed paper bird was adhered as shown and the 'Bird' alpha again stamped as shown with Denim ink.

Bottom Card

The cream base card was embossed as shown and coloured around the outside with Bottle and Lettuce Adirondacks using a make-up sponge and centrally with the denim ink. The foiled peackock image was trimmed and coloured with Alcohol inks in Stream and Bottle using a felt pad and applicator using a pouncing action until the desired coverage was achieved. Some white was left on purpose. This was then stuck in place and the 'Birds of a feather' sentiment stamped with Denim ink.

The cards are now on their way to the U.S. Hope she likes them !

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  1. They're brilliant! Love those PA stamps! Diane will be thrilled with them all!

  2. Oh these are gorgeous - I particularly love the colour combination - and the quirky birds make a lovely change.

  3. lovely ATCs Sidders, love the colours

  4. love the colour combi too...great set of ATC's

  5. Love these Sid - great colours and great stamp

    V xx

  6. These are lovely - I especially like the peacock one and leaving the white patches has really brought it to life!

  7. I got them and I DO LOVE THEM!!!!


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