Saturday, July 19, 2008

My 'TOWN' of houses

Here is a pic of all the houses I received as part of the 'Little Boxes on the Hillside' swap. They are really fantastic with some innovative art and techniques displayed across such a wide variety of interpretations. You may have noticed that instead of 20, there are only 19. The missing one is on it's way from one contributor who's originals got lost in the postal system and who is happy to reproduce another set.........now there's determination for you !

Wondering how best to display them, any ideas?

Anyway this collaborative project has been a great success and I look forward to taking part in others. Hope, like me, they appeal to you :)

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  1. You have one of my 'Little Boxes', how cool is that!

  2. And very nice it is too !!! Thanks.

  3. Find a ledge in your house for the town and put them all in a row! Or, put them going up the stairs. I love your little town!

  4. Hi Lindart and thanks for your suggestions, they definately need displaying in a row and the stairs is a good idea, thanks.

  5. Very cool houses.
    How about making a double page scrapbook layout of them? just a thought.
    or just frame them in a few long frames. side by side.

  6. Thanks Debbie, I may go look for some long frames......I could also do a stamped background then behind the houses. Good idea !

  7. You have a wonderful blog and I tagged you. Hope you don't minde. Please take a loke at my blog:

  8. Thanks Hetty, glad you like my blog.

  9. A friend of mine painted a canvas and displayed them on there, I'll try and find you the link, hang on

    This is her blog link, then you need to click on houses on the right and scroll down til you get to the canvas


    Hope it helps

  10. Thanks for your idea Sam !


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