Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bandanna ATC Technique Class

What is the Bandanna technique? It is inspired by the typical batik style of print used on head bandannas. I think this is particularly effective if overlaid on a coloured background, and in this example I will give instructions on making a spray ink background. Of course, any type of background is suitable so try loads of ideas out. They are sure to look stunning as ATC's.

The materials:

Spray Inks ( I used the summer collection by Sticky Fingers - Buttercup, Marigold & Grass Green; Bluebell, Delphinium & Lilac; Lilac, Pink & Aqua)

Versafine Ink (Olympic Green, Onyx Black)

White Cardstock

Rubber Stamps (two paisley stamps from Tanda Set 1 Paisley plate)

Gelly Roll Pen (Sakura - White)

Chalk Ink (Colorbox - Lilac, Blue, and Ochre)

Spray Background Method

Take a piece of A4 cardstock and place in a suitable cardboard box (to protect the surrounding area from overspray - these inks really can stain so take care where you do it). Take the lid off each of the spray bottles of ink and spray the cardstock with the desired amount of ink. Tip - The nearer you spray to the card the bigger the spots of colour, the further away, the finer. I try to do a blend of droplet sizes. When the desired effect is achieved allow to air dry (20-30 minutes).

Cut into ATC sized pieces (3.5 x 2.5 inches) and move to the next step.


Take one of the rubber stamps (I mounted mine on EZ mount first) and adhere to an appropriately sized acrylic block. Taking the Olympic Green Versafine inkpad to the stamp, tap on an even layer of ink. With the ATC background on a flat surface stamp the paisley stamp randomly over the background several times, going off the edge of the card in places. Allow the images to dry or apply a blast from a heat gun to set the ink. Tip - Experiment with various colours of ink to achieve different colour effects. Remember to use dye based/quick drying pigment inks to avoid the colour mixing in with the white gel pen.

Applying the White Gelly Roll Pen

Take the Gelly Roll pen and edge the stamped paisley designs with the opaque white ink. You can achieve different effects by being selective in what you whiten. Sometimes on darker backgrounds apply the pen inside the stamped image or alternatively go just around the edge. Tip - Don't press too hard with the pen as this can restrict the flow of ink to the roller ball inside.

Mount the finished pieces on suitable card backing and trim. I finished off the edges of the card with Colorbox chalk inks.

The effect can be very, very effective. Good luck with yours and do let me know how you go on.

Enjoy !!!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this technique. I've gotta try it!!

  2. Good luck Ruth, I am sure you will be pleased with the results !

    So Glad you liked the class Hazel, easy and yet effective. Give it a try !

  3. thats great and the effect looks wonderful, thanks for sharing your idea

  4. You are very welcome, glad you liked it !

  5. I haven't been here for ages. Love it :)

  6. Hi Monika, nice to see you back again....glad you like the technique. Lots to follow. Keep watching !

  7. Ooh what a great technique, and a great tutorial Sid!

  8. Great tutorial and stunning effect.


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