Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lippy Chick Flip Book Deco - Class

Here is a beginners class on Decorating a Lippy Chick Flip Book.

Step 1

You will need:

  • Lippy Chick Flip Book
  • Decorative papers of your choice
  • Trimmer ,Scissors, Guillotine
  • Double sided adhesive tape or glue stick
  • Photos or images
  • Embellishments (ribbon, paper flowers, self adhesive gems etc.)
  • Alcohol Inks
  • Alcohol Blending Solution
  • Distress Inks
  • Rubber stamps
  • Stazon or dye inkpads
  • Sandpaper

Step 2
Right.....lets begin. This is what the LippyChick Book looks like closed and without any decoration.

First Closed:

Then fully open:

Step 3

We are going to decorate the plastic cover of the Lippy Chick Flip Book with alcohol inks.

a) Take 3 inks of your choice, complimentary colours to suit the way that you wish to decorate the exterior cover of your book. I used Adrondack Alcohol Inks in Butterscotch, Terra Cotta and Rust because I am going to do a distressed book.

b) Open out the covers of the book by bending them back - the plastic is a bit rigid at first. We are going to decorate the inside of the cover because this is less textured.

c) Using a piece of felt attached to the applicator squirt equal quantities of the three inks in three distinct blobs onto the felt. Then with a pouncing action whilst turning the applicator apply ink to cover the inside of the book cover until you are happy with the result. Don't overwork the applicator or you will 'muddy' the inks. If you are not happy with the effect the ink can be removed with Blending solution and a cotton wool ball as many times as you like. I then added more blobs of the rust as another coat of colour. You can apply further layers of colour to build on the depth until you like the look. Ok that's it. The pics shows my finished cover open and closed.


Step 4

Having inked the case we are now going to decorate both sides of the book itself.

a) I used a selection of Basic Grey and Life’s Journey scrapbook papers from K&Co in 6in x 6in and 8.5in x 8.5in sheets. I wanted to keep to the colours muted and distressed. They were trimmed down with a rotary trimmer to slightly less than the desired 5in x 5in size and the papers were adhered with a glue stick so that the 5 inside panels followed by the 5 outside panels were completed. Allowing them to dry.

Here is the front:

Here is the back:

b)Then fold the left and right panels inwards diagonally so that the paper on the outside shows on the inside - like a windmill.

Step 5

a) Having applied papers and folded the windmills, ink all the raw edges with a dark or contrasting dye inkpad or chalk ink to get rid of the white ‘joins’.

b) Next punch a hole in the windmill folded edge through both layers of card and repeat on the other windmill fold.

c) Next set an eyelet into each of the 4 holes made, I used brown eyelets and then chose a suitable brad to fasten the flap closed (you may need to trim the length of the legs of the brad to fit).

d) Decorate the inside of the windmill folds with any embellishments you may like to use. In the first I made a double strip with paper, inked the edges, stamped 3 mini Lalique tags with IOU and attached to the strip with small square brads before applying the strip with double sided tape. In the second I used a doubled strip of paper, inked the edges and stamped with Versamark using a Milan postal frank stamp. Finally heat embossing with detail black embossing powder before attaching with 4 black photo corners to the inside of the flap.

e) On the outside of the windmill folds I stamped in green dye ink ‘OPEN WITH CARE’ and in brown dye ink ‘OPEN HERE’. Finishing off the remaining front squares with compass and journey stamps in black Stazon.

f) The centre was made with interwoven strips of paper and the centre was stamped in Versamark and heat embossed with marquisite embossing powder. The image is a head silhouette.

g) I then added some gold thread, metal embellishments and eclear epoxy stickers to finish. Here are the pics……..

Step 6
Well here's the 6th and final step Finishing touches ! When the book is folded closed apply two maroon buttons to the windmill pockets as shown with Glossy Accents.

Choose a length of some suitable ribbon and cut two slits in the plastic cover, threading the ribbon through as shown.
Finally place the book in its cover and tie a bow to seal the finished book !

So that's it folks...........hope you enjoy doing this !

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  1. This is so wonderful! Thank you for sharing. We don't have these books in Canada or at least I haven't seen any. I love the inking on the cover. Great job!

  2. Great job! I haven't seen these books before and I love the inking on the cover.

  3. Thanks for your comments, I appreciate them. I don't think the book is available in Canada, all stockist are based in the UK !

  4. Good Afternoon from the US
    I'm not sure what a Lippy Chick? book is or where I would find one or how to make one. Can you describe it a bit more? Plastic is the outside and the inside is paper? Love your work! Thanks Donna


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