Sunday, December 17, 2006

'Inchies' swap on Talkcrafts Forum

Hi All, not posted for a while but back in circulation again now. I entered a challenge on the Talkcrafts forum. The challenge was originally inspired by another swap which was to produce 100 x 1 inch squares which were to be collaged and decorated !!! God (I thought), that's one hell of a lot !!!!

So instead Liz Gale suggested that we each produce 25 x 1 inch squares for a swap. That means that if 25 members enter, then we will all receive 25 in return, 1 from each of the 25 members submissions.
It was only when I started to cut the squares that I realised just how small they really were. I had no idea where to start but once I started to colour the backgrounds I seemed to have a rush of inspiration and flew through them.............in fact I produced over 60 !!!!

So here is a pic of my 25 which will be posted tomorrow. I look forward to receiving the others in return. The challenge ends at the end of January 2007.
I firstly created a watercolour background using acrylics and then collaged this with some stamping and mini pics and words. I used some mica paints and finally hand decorated with coloured markers, metallics and some small embellishments. Dying to do some more now !!!!!

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