Saturday, December 09, 2006

'Altoids' tin challenge on Talkcrafts

This is my entry in another challenge from the Talkcrafts forum. One member had a number of unused (but out of date) tins of the Marks & Spencer curiously strong mints which she offered to send to members with a challenge to 'alter' the tin and return for a random swap. I entered and duly received my tin.

I rubbed down the tin with fine sandpaper and covered it all with gesso. then painted over this with acrylics in two contrasting colours. I then applied 6 x 1 inch paper tiles to the top of the lid with mod podge and applied raised letters to spell out 'BOX' after it had dried. I decorated the interier lid and bottom with printed photo paper in blue. I then used gold Krylon to decorate the outside of the tin. Finally putting a little glitterati fibres inside the tin in contrasting colours and closing with purple ribbon tied in a bow. My only regret is that I didn't put something inside the tin.............however I will do if I do any more 'altering' of tins. Here are the pics:

Here is a link to take you to a gallery where all the entries can be viewed

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