Saturday, September 23, 2006

Trish Bayley's background technique

Trish Bayley provided instructions in 'Simply Stamping' Magazine Issue 6 on Textured Alcohol Ink Backgrounds and I thought I would have a go.

I used kitchen towel, nylon fruit netting & clear adhesive tape as my background materials. The
PVA was an evo bond type which dried clear and shiny. I had a major problem though with the application of the alcohol inks with the felt pad. For some reason the PVA reacted to make a very sticky surface once the inks had been applied to the surface and the felt pad started to fluff and stick terribly. I resorted to using liberal amounts of Alcohol Blending Solution to try to overcome this and just about managed this. Next time I will use other means of spreading the ink.............not sure what though !!!

Anyway I have pics of three finishes I produced. The first included the fruit netting whilst the others just had clear adhesive tape and kitchen paper applied with the PVA.

Pic 1 used Cranberry, Wild Plum & Red Pepper Alcohol Inks. Pic 2 Pesto, Espresso, Caramel & Terra Cotta Alcohol Inks. Pic 3 Wild Plum, Denim, Stonewashed & Egglant Alcohol Inks.

Very Pleased with the results though !

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  1. BEAUTIFUL BACKGROUNDS! Textured inks backgrounds are my all time personal favourite background technique :D I can make these till the cows come home :D I have more of these on my site: www.trishbayley.com (click on archives then alcohol inks in the backgrounds section) Trish

  2. Thanks Trish, so glad you like them....and from the Queen of textured backgrounds herself !!!!


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