Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My entry into Flo's CJ (UKSTAMPERS)

Surprise, surprise.......I actually posted this one on time, he said smugly !!!! Yes it was my entry into Flo's CJ 'Dreams & Nightmares'. I pondered long and hard as to my subject matter and ended up with Money !!!!!!!!

Some might say it's a dream to have lots of it whilst others may think of it as a nightmare, especially if you don't have enough of it to pay the bills etc. In this light I produced a rather fussy 'moneyscape' entitled 'Money - mares', a kind of half way house between a lack of it and too much.

Here are the left and right page views of it........hope Flo likes it, and that all of the other CJ ers do too.

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  1. brilliant - love it!

    really good interpretation - as you say, it's something people have both good and bad dreams about....

    (and I'd love it even more if that was real money LOL)


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