Friday, January 26, 2018

Valentines ......

These brand new Valentines Day cards are all available to buy in my Etsy Shop ..... Click HERE to go have a look !  Remember its on 14th February so not long to get a card for the one of your dreams .....

Further detail of each below ......

Some delicate reeds sway to say 'I love You'

Four brilliant coloured hearts say to your Valentine 'You Colour My Heart'

A bold red heart pierced with an arrow shuts 'I Love You'

Two loving hares look at each other and say 'You are my Number One'

Sid xx

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  1. o my word! love them all!!!!

  2. Beautiful selection of Valentine cards. xx

  3. What great cards Sid - sadly I won't need one this year ... another 'first' to get past!


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