Friday, October 28, 2016

UK STAMPERS FORUM - Site suspended

Today you may have noticed that the UK Stampers Forum site has been suspended !!!!!

I have no idea what has happened as Kym Boulton (Galaxy Girl) technically still owns the site.  I have been in negotiation since April 2016 with her to take over owning the Forum but for some reason she will not contact me to arrange for me to take over.

I also notice that she has deleted her Facebook account  (as of yesterday) and I have no way of contacting her until she contacts me so:

Kym,  PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA THE EMAIL LINK ON THIS BLOG with your mobile or landline number so we can sort out what is happening as I feel we are letting down our existing members. I am more than happy to take over.

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  1. Awww dear Sid, so sorry to hear this, as this was the first online forum that I joined. I hope Kym contacts you and you can get it back up and running again soon xx

  2. Hope you manage to get things sorted out Sid. I shall miss everyone!

  3. Thanks for the explanation Sid. I hope that you can get things resolved with Kym as we have postcards to send & no access to the information needed :-(

  4. Sid is it worth trying to build up a database of the former U.K. Stampers contacts and forming a group so that we can keep each other informed about what's going on? Also would you consider setting up a new forum ( Stampers U.K.?????) or is that going to be too onerous?

  5. Oh no, I was wondering why I wasn't able to get the website up. This is so weird. Might be worth starting a site from scratch like Scrapmate suggests? I'll keep checking your blog for updates. Kind regards Stitcharama-girl (Catherine)

  6. And today it's just "server not found". If you decide a replacement forum is the only way to go then the free forums through ProBoards (https://proboards.com/) are fine - there's advertising but it's not too intrusive and the set-up/admin are straightforward. Looks like many of us have thought of your blog as a way to check what's happening so if you're happy to keep us informed this way we could stay in touch til we know what's happening.

  7. Thankfully Vonny has been in touch so the ongoing ATC swap can still continue. I do miss you all.

  8. oh dear sorry to hear about this and for those who are doing the swaps too..perhaps its time for an instagram group or something..hope it all works out for everyone xx

  9. So sad to see this news Sid, I hope you manage to get everything sorted out!

  10. So sad to see this, I went to the site for the first time in ages, only to find it gone :(

    Are you on Twitter? Hope you will be able to take the site on, if Kim is no longer able too.

    Best wishes



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