Sunday, February 07, 2016

Birdie Cushion

This birdie printed cotton fabric was given to me by Effie about 3 years ago when I attended a machine sewing session in Middlesbrough.  She had made a zipped purse and had the fabric left over.

I dug it out and made a 16 x16 inch cushion with an envelope back.  The backing is cream calico. You know how the saying goes 'better late than never' !!

Sid xx

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  1. Gorgeous fabric. Well worth the wait.

  2. What beautiful fabric and a wonderful cushion, Sid! You really are a multi talented crafter!

  3. I love envelope style cushions - so easy compared to zips (I'm guessing - not been brave enough to attempt a zip!). This is a great cushion that will surely be a star in your home.

  4. Very tweet!......ha ha! Lovely cushion

  5. Definitely better late than never - this is so bright and cheery - I love it!
    Hugs, Neet xx

  6. Loving your quilting work - you are so talented. This cushion is so bright and cheery - love it.


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