Saturday, August 07, 2010

Chiffon Flowers

A week ago on Friday I had a fab visit to Middlesbrough where I met up with an avid bunch of crafters lots of whom contribute to the Scattered Scarlet blog on a regular basis.  This visit had been planned for ages because they all have a regular day getting together at a local community centre where they set up shop with sewing machines and materials and make alsorts of fab things.

Some while ago I had bought a relatively cheap electric sewing machine mainly for sewing card and paper for my general papercrafting but had never really made anything with it in fabric.  This was my chance at learning a thing or two from some very expert ladies who make their machines sing !!  These are three chiffon flowers I made with rough cut layered circles of various chiffons. 

The technique is simple.  Once the various sized circles are layered one on another a small square piece of paper is used to add substance and the machine is used to sew randomly in circles through all the layers and paper.

The next step is to heat carefully with a heat gun to melt and shrivel the chiffon so it curls and shrinks until a pleasant effect is obtained.  Important to be careful not to set fire to the whole thing though!

I have sewn a square sequin and some black seed beads into the centre of one of them, to add a bit of further decoration by hand.

These could easily have a brooch back attached or alternatively could be used to decorate a simple cotton bag that you had made.  Bit of a different departure for me but I really enjoyed the day with them............and learned such a lot of technique. The time flew by.

I had booked a local hotel for the evening and Jan kindly invited me to her home along with everyone else for a super barbecue which was cooked to perfection by the men in their lives.  Thanks Jan !! We had a fab get together and I will definately be doing it again soon.

Sid xx

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  1. Beautiful and glad to see you getting into fabric!!!

  2. Glad you enjoyed yourself you're welcome to join us anytime. Fab flowers

  3. Afraid I'm so not into flowers (bit of a rarity in crafters these days, lol) but I do appreciate the heat tool bit, lol - I do that with ribbon and it looks great when it curls and melts. Bet you had loads of fun, learning from the experts - sounds like a great way to learn! Could do with something like that around here.

  4. Sid these are beautiful, I love them!

  5. I'm sewing machine challenged so good on you to take the plunge. Isn't it fun to get together with folks that have the same interests? Nice job with the flowers.

  6. they look fab Sid. definitely something to add to my list to try.

  7. love that top one..very effective

  8. BEAUTIFUL sid well done for giveing it ago, must have been quite a day:)
    Von x

  9. These look fab Sid, you could even double up the brooch thing by making it a removable element on a card design with these!

  10. Sounds like you had a fab weekend - good on ya!

    Love your flowers and I think I have some chiffon (or something similar) so now I want to try those - might have to handsew as I hate getting the big machine out.

    You've set me off on something else Sid, thanks to your lovely flowers.


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