Thursday, April 17, 2008

'Postcard' Altered Pringle Container

This one is another altered pringles container but I have cut down the original tall tube to 4 inches. This height makes it more suitable for storing pens, pencils, paintbrushes etc. It is quite difficult to cut the tube perfectly square and I was not absolutely happy with the finish. I will try another method using a small hacksaw next time hoping for a more neater look. There are also smaller snack packs available which are slightly shorter than 4 inches but these would be ideal and would have a neat top finish to start with.

I gave the container (after trimming to size), two coats of white gesso to cover up the original labelling. I then used various sprays to obtain a aged look. First a spray with Oak stain and then with Olive stain which I dried quickly with the heat gun. I finished off with a metallic gold spray to give it a gleam. I then applied rub-ons in a postcard theme over the thoroughly dried surface, overlapping some. I then used glossy accents to adhere bronze metallic bugle beads in groups of 4 around the rim of the tube, (very fiddly and I used tweezers to position), finishing off with Gold Krylon pen.

At least it makes a useful container for paintbrushes, pens and pencils, is recycled and hopefully it looks good as well !!!

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  1. some fab stuff on here, glad i found you by blog surfing!

  2. Thanks Nicks, much appreciated !

  3. Thanks Nicks, much appreciated !


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