Sunday, March 30, 2008

Decorated Glass Microscope Slides for Slide Mailers

Well in keeping with my altered slide mailer theme here are 7 microscope slides I decorated in various ways to put into my altered slide mailers. In each case I have used a single slide backed with thin card cut to size, trapping various inclusions between the card and the slide. All have been sealed with metallic self-adhesive foil in Gold, Copper and Silver effects. The pictures are large to show details but the slides are only 3in x 1in in size.

This one used a background cut from a glossy mag and included some blue/green Stewart Gill glitterati fibres. Sealed with copper foil tape and scratched carefully with a piercing tool to provide a hatching pattern on the foil.

This one again was cut from a glossy mag but this time sealed with gold foil tape with a different pattern scratched into it.

This one had numerous purple and gold fabric and fibres with some sheer material and woven braid. It's important to keep the thickness of these to a minimum otherwise you will have difficulty in sealing on the card back......which in this case was gold. Again gold foil tape was used and 'pricked' with a piercing tool for the texture.

This one had an alcohol ink background on glossy white card and a different selection of fibres & materials within. Again I used gold foil tape to seal.

This time with a calligraphy stamped background card and another choice of material inclusions. Again sealed with gold foil tape.

Gold foil sealed, alcohol inked background with purple and gold filaments, flat gold braid and metallic purple material within.

Finally, this one had a layer of two alcohol inked acetate sheets spliced together with a little stamping with stazon on the pink part. The foil was silver this time.
I intend doing some double microscope slides which will be see-through as my next challenge.

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  1. it's been too long since I came by your blog, Sid - you have been busy!

    these slides are amazing - I love the way you have textured the metal tape around them - that's a great idea, it looks really effective

  2. Thanks Flo, love doing slides....must do some more!


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