Sunday, May 06, 2007

Accordian Book in a Box - Decoration

Box, outside

As promised I have now completed decorating the accordian book in a box project. For the lid I punched out two holes and threaded a small piece of 7mm fuschia satin ribbon through the holes and tied it in a bow to act as a lid handle. I embellished the top panels with square red and green flat backed jewels adhered with glossy accents. For the book I printed out a number of angelic pics onto 2ins square vellum pieces using an ink-jet printer. These were trimmed and the concertina panels were decorated with these. My book had 8 panels in all. To compliment the lid each panel was adorned with two square flat backed jewels to compliment the colourway. I think less is more on this one and because of the fussy papers I purposely kept it simple.

Box opened showing concertina

Panel Detail

Panel Detail

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  1. This is a beautiful album Sid. Congrats on another piece of high quality work. Shell

  2. Thanks Shell, now I need to do a few more with different themes. My next personal challenge!

  3. Oh Wow Sid. I love those images. Your work is fab.

  4. Wonderful Sid... it's so nice to see the completed thing... it is so pretty.
    p.s. I have tagged you... visit my blog for the questions and rules... you can choose to do one set or both :)


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