Sunday, October 29, 2006

Latest set of 5 ATC's

First what a lovely day and second hope you all enjoyed your extra hour in bed!

Here is my latest set of 5 entitled 'Time Flies'. Anyone up for a swap?

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  1. Fancy a trade? I don't have any to show you at the mo but tell me what you like and I'll see what I come up with...

  2. Hi Kae, I am always up for trading ATC's and thanks so much for your offer. I like anything that you like. I always guess that what you do without a challenge reflects your own design and creativity. So tell me how many and I will happily trade with you. Variety is the spice of life !!!!! Anyone else please contact me........the more he merrier.

  3. Shall we do a 3 for 3? I'm going to PM you (over on UKStampers) with my address; could you do the same? I'll do your cards over the weekend and get them on the way on Monday :) Sound ok?

  4. Thanks Kae, no problem. I will PM my address to you and do mine over the weekend also. Cheers !!


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