Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Faux Dichroic Glass (Part 1)

I am sure that avid crafters will have heard of Tim Holtz, that very talented American who is one of the Ranger Industries designers and senior educators.

He has, in his wisdom, created two DVD's showing his techniques. Firstly 'An Altered Journey' and secondly 'The Journey Continues'. I think that they are really super and contain a plethora of excellent and exciting techniques for the crafter. Of course, they use a lot of Ranger craft products such as 'Distress Inkpads' and Reinkers, Alcohol Inks and Distress Embossing Powders along with Suze Weinbergs Melting Pot and UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel). Suffice it to say I know of very few crafters who know and use these products to be dissapointed with their performance when used in their crafting. I will attempt to mention 'alternative' sources for materials where possible.

Tim has pioneered his own individual style of so called 'Altered' Art and it has much appeal in my opinion. He is famous for NOT ever cleaning his stamps after use and, I have heard it said, that he can afford to throw them away after use also. But that is just what I have heard !!!

I would like to talk about my experiences with the producion of 'Faux Dichroic Glass' which is one of the techniques he describes on his second DVD.

I would just like to offer a word of sincere thanks to Kym Bolton of www.stampgalaxy.co.uk who was resourceful and kind enough to take onboard my plea for a supply of seawashed glass which is a prerequisite of producing the Dichroic Glass. I had looked everywhere for a UK supply of this and as far as I could tell from my searches no-one supplied it here. I telephoned her and she said that she would try and arrange to make some for me..........which she did (very rapidly), and then sent some to me free of charge for my opinion. It was really just what the doctor ordered and I set about trying the technique with my own special variants. Since then Kym has included this glass on her website at a very reasonable price. So I hope some of you will experiment and try the technique.

The technique basically is about producing what resembles dichroic glass. For those not sure what that is here is a definition: Dichroic glass is beautiful sparkly glass that was originally developed for the aeronautics industry. It must be manufactured in a vacuum chamber where an electron beam deposits many microscopic layers of metallic oxides, such as magnesium and titanium, on glass. This metallic coating absorbs and reflects different colors of light at different angles, making the glass multi-hued. This example illustrates the effects that can be achieved. This buddha mask shows the effect of the oxides on the surface of the glass.

The faux technique requires that you use seawashed glass which is first coated on one side with a metallic foil using UTEE (ultra thick embossing enamel). This is then covered in coloured UTEE and inclusions, metallic embossing powders etc. added before finishing off with another layer of UTEE. You need to work quickly once started.

Materials required are:

Hot plate or other suitable heat source
Non stick craft sheet (teflon coated oven mat, Lakeland)
Seawashed glass (
Foil transfer sheet (various metallic colours or multi)
UTEE clear, black & coloured see colouring method in Part 2, (any UTEE)
Alcohol Inks (Letraset Tria)

Metallic embossing powders (silver, copper, gold, interference pearl etc.)
Bedazzles, beads, glitter etc.
Iridescent film (fantasy film, various colours)
Heat resistant spatula and small scoops

I actually bought a melting pot to do the technique and I think it may be very difficult to manage suitably without it,. The problem with other flat heat sources is temperature control, but it might work with a flat electric hob. You will need to experiment.


Technique and pictures to follow shortly ! in Part 2

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  1. Coming soon on a Blog near here !!

  2. Never thought of using fantasy film, and searched high and low (without success) for holographic cellophane! Thanx for the tip :-)

  3. Good luck with the fantasy film....it works a treat !!!

  4. How can i coat a ceramic statue, seashell or rock with this?

    1. Unfortunately you can't as the surface to be coated needs to be flat to contain the molten UTEE !


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