Saturday, January 22, 2011

Schooldays Journal Page

I have already blogged my first page earlier and this is page 3 of a 6 x 4 inch journal page suggested by Efemera as a weekly challenge over on UK Stampers Forum.  If you keep up there will be 52 pages in this one.

She needed the following things on this page:

1. 10 random things about your schooldays
2. Use lined paper
3. Add some inkblots and doodle in the margin

I have used a sheet of lined paper as my base and onto this have stramped some inkblots in archival black ink with a stamp from PaperArtsy. I have also stamped a grid in danube blue Memento dye ink, 'see me' in red Memento and some pen knibs in vintage sepia Versafine ink.  The page has been coloured with old paper Distress ink applied with cut'n'dry foam.

I have used vintage tin number stickers and a fine black pen to add a sum and line of numbers and have doodled various things on the page.

I couldn't bear to look at my handwriting on this so printed out the 10 things from my schooldays onto plain copier paper, trimmed and stuck in place as shown.  Brought back a lot of memories, some great and some not so great !!

Sid xx

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  1. great page....interesting school days Sid!

  2. Great page Sid and love that you can actually read it, so much more interesting. LOL at Nitty Nora, bought back so many memories. Have a great weekend. Annette

  3. Love this page - that ink blot stamp is great.
    I love the lined paper and all the colours too.
    Really fab

  4. Fab page Sid, and oh, so many memories!!!

  5. Did #1 lead to your current career?

  6. lol - great page Sid. ten things we didn't know about you!

  7. Brilliant page Sid!

  8. Great page Sid. Love your school memories.
    xxx Hazel.

  9. Fantastic Sid!! I'm with you on the "hating PE". Sounds like you had fun LOL (most of the time)

  10. Ha ha! This a great - a real trip down memory lane. Nitty Nora used to come to my school too - when I was little I thought she was looking for holes in your head :-)
    Winkle pickers and cuban heels? Really?!!!


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